Saturday, 7 February 2015

Popular Solar Water Heater System

At NTT Heating we're a dedicated team at your service. From engineers to the sales team, we are committed to deliver the best possible products and support. NTT Heating is a leading provider of hot water solutions in Malaysia. As a complete solution provider, our experience delivers you a value chain ranging from supplying, distributing and installing exclusive line of solar water heater system. We take pride to combat rising energy costs to advocate clean energy concept and reduce carbon emissions for both residential and commercial owners. 

As excerpt energy assessors, we bring together latest technology and concrete efforts to help you capitalize on solar thermal technology, from solar panels to pressurized hot water storage tanks, air source heat pumps and water boilers. We are also rendering uncompromising service through rigid quality assurance programs in accordance to our local requirements whilst maintaining international standards.

We have supplied summer solar water heating for all types of residential and commercial applications worldwide. As water heating experts, we at NTT Heating guarantee to provide you with the most suitable solution to your water heating needs. There are many solar products available for almost any purpose and need.

Do you want to have hot water daily without going on board with your electricity expenses? As a homeowner who wishes to have fresh hot water for the household chores or for a business owner who needs hot water for their daily operations, solar hot water heater systems are the best options available for them to consider.

We have vast experience in the water care industry has allowed us to develop the Summer solar hot water system a focused effort to save energy, cut carbon emissions and reduce electricity costs for water heating. From solar panels to pressurized hot water storage tanks, air source heat pumps and water boilers, NTT Heating fully manufactures and assembles summer solar water heaters in Malaysia. When it comes to Solar heating, we have both consumer and professional products.

Solar Water Heater has become increasing popular in Malaysia mainly due to rising electricity bills. Solar hot water heater is not only admired for residential property such as residential houses, Bungalows, houses, but has also gained appealing utility for commercial buildings, Industrial and government projects. Solar water heater manufacturers made it possible for home and business owners to have hot water without worrying about excessive costs and expenses. 

As we all know, electricity gets higher because fossil fuels that produce traditional electricity are running out. Solar water heater owners are assured that they will have continuous supply anytime they need it. By making use of solar water heaters, owners cut their carbon footprint, meaning they reduce the carbon dioxide emissions when they utilize renewable energy for their hot water needs. Solar panels, called collectors, are used. There are two types of solar water heating panels: evacuated tubes and flat plate collectors. These collectors are fitted into the roof to collect heat from the sun for heating water stored in hot water cylinders. For more information visit the site .             

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