Monday, 2 February 2015

Malaysia’s Leading Solar Water Heater Supplier

]NTT Heating is industrial heating elements and thermocouples supplier in the Malaysian Market. It offers you high quality products and cost effective solutions and its sales are supported by a professionally trained staff with extensive knowledge of heating elements. NTT heating is today one of Malaysia’s leading solar water heater supplier, manufacturer, distributor, solar installer, and provider of Solar Heating Systems. And with a history of over thirty years, NTT heating give clients a heritage they can trust in Solar Water Heating and Solar Hot Water Systems, Solar Tank Manufacturing, Solar Panel Water Heating, Solar Heater Installation, Solar Products Safety and Solar Water Accessories and Pump Equipment. NTT Heaters give the best cost effectiveness and the most energy savings For Solar Water Heater products in Malaysia. 

This is done through a combination of lower cost prices, greater electric savings through higher efficiency of its thermal solar panels, longer life spans of its stainless steel solar water tanks and combined with their minimum maintenance over the years of solar product life.  This efficiency, durability and long-lasting lifespan of a solar heater Malaysia powered Water Heater combined with reasonable and low cost prices continue to make NTT Solar Hot Water Heaters widely used for solar energy water heating for residential houses, Bungalows, Semi-D Semi Detached houses, housing development schemes, workers housing, College Hostels, Resorts, Commercial, Industrial and government projects. 

 As the pioneer and leading solar water heater manufacturer in Malaysia, NTT heating had advocated the use of thick-wall stainless steel in the manufacture of the pressurized solar water tank for durability and safety of the user, and especially for all household solar water heaters, solar hot water heater systems.  All NTT Heating solar pressurized stainless steel solar tanks are guaranteed to be long lasting, 100% safe and highly durable; with life spans in excess of over the years.

Solar Water Heating systems and technologies to bring to you our latest and best solar water heater that is fast heating and hot. We now have the hottest flat plate thermal solar panel and the best solar energy water heater for the Malaysian market. This solar powered 4th-generation flat plate thermal solar panel is a full copper fin tube thermal solar collector with the latest blue coating for higher heat absorption and solar energy water heating on cloudy days. 

NTT Heating favored sun based water warmer supplier, merchant, sun powered installer, and supplier of sun oriented warming frameworks and warming arrangements in Malaysia. NTT Heating is a business pioneer for clean and green items. Since its commencement, NTT Heating sun oriented boiling hot water warmers have prepared for rationing vitality utilization with the utilization of clean and green sun based vitality for sun powered water warming. The organization has driven the business with its sun based warming frameworks and arrangements and mechanical upgrades and its upkeep free sun oriented items have frequently permitted its sun powered fueled warming answers for fit right in with today's green way of life.

Our best suppliers include NTT 8 Wash Boiler, Thermo watt Components, Backer Warming Components and NTT Bain Jessica heating elements. We offer you excellent costs and excellent after revenue support. Our revenue staff is ready to advise you on your needs. For more information visit the site .

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